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We offer a comprehensive selection of massage therapy services and add-ons for holistic healing, detox and relief from aches, pains, stress, and tension. Utilizing the natural benefits of physical touch paired with complementary treatment add-ons, our massage therapy services give you an added boost of wellness every time you come to enjoy a session with us.

Visit Our Neuromuscular Pain & Massage Specialist

Visit Our Neuromuscular Pain & Massage Specialist

Massage therapy service

Glute Massage Therapy

Target chronic tension in your hips, glutes, and sciatic area through our focused therapeutic glute massage techniques.

Massage Therapy Service

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

Relieve chronic pain and muscle tension through targeted neuromuscular therapy designed to facilitate total-body rejuvenation.
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Cupping FREE with Any Massage

Boost your massage benefits with the centuries-old healing technique. Cupping eliminates toxins & improves all-over circulation & healing.

We Also Offer the FOllowing

Massage Therapy Services

Massage Therapy Service


Unwind and de-stress with our classic Swedish massage that promotes deep tissue healing.
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Massage therapy Service

Prenatal Massage

Alleviate common pregnancy discomforts and bond with baby through our safe and nurturing prenatal massage.

Massage Therapy Service

Sports Massage

Recover faster and enhance your performance with specialized sports massage tailored to your athletic activities.
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Deep Tissue Massage

Melt away deep muscle knots and tension with our therapeutic deep-tissue massage techniques.
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More Services we Offer

Himalayan Salt Massage Therapy

Enhance your massage experience and amplify its benefits with our Himalayan salt therapy. Salt from deep within the pristine Himalayan mountains is heated and massaged on the skin, allowing you to soak in its purifying properties. This ancient practice can help improve respiratory ailments, soothe skin conditions, boost circulation, reduce inflammation, and more – all while bringing your massage to the next level of healing and relaxation. 


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Hot Stones

Enhance your massage and promote deep muscle relaxation and stress relief with the penetrating heat of volcanic stones.

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Lucious Body Scrubs

Exfoliate, nourish and prep your skin to with a luxurious body scrub paired with your favorite tension-relieving massage therapy treatment.

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Gua sha Scraping

Enhance your healing experience alleviating muscle tension & pain to promote healthy blood flow with Gua Sha, ancient Chinese healing.

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Intraoral Massage

Experience the transformative benefits of intraoral massage therapy including stress relief, relaxation & improved oral health.



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